Reviews - Joshua Tree Service


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Tisha Corey March 11, 2024
"I needed some tree trimming work done for a few trees in my front yard. One was a little on the scraggly side and Josh and his team did a great job of cleaning it up and making it more symmetrical. They also did a great job with clean up. Will definitely use him again."
david kemp February 8, 2024
"I have dealt with hundreds of companies over my lifetime and Joshua Tree service is the best ever by far.. Joshua was a very honest and reliable guy., They showed up when he said they would. Their work was unbelievable and they cleaned everything up. That's the only tree service I would ever hire."
Terry Kahle January 11, 2024
"East Cobb - Joshua Tree Service trimmed Red Tips and Hollies that had overgrown the backyard. Debris was cleaned up and hauled away as promised. Nice job!"
Anne M January 8, 2024
"Joshua helped with a large pine tree in my yard that had died. He was quick to respond and got the job done in a timely manner. Would highly recommend!"
Ann Butler December 23, 2023
"I had overgrown Bradford Pear and Holly Trees in my yard. Joshua trimmed and shaped both trees. He also removed a leaning, almost dead pine tree. He will come back early spring and trim, shape several more trees in my backyard."
Ashton Thomas December 8, 2023
"Professional and high integrity. Great quality, service and value. JTS has had great customer service throughout our lifetime as a customer. Highly recommend for a variety of jobs and consultation."